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16 days.......

Hello everyone. I hope ya'll are doing great!!! I am very excited about Christmas! It is SO incredible that God sent His one and only Son for us!!! What an awesome God to send us a Savior to save us from our sins. We have so much to celebrate at Christmas! The Savior of the world came as a baby so He could die for us one the cross. His gift of salvation is free to everyone and if you don't know Him, he wants you to accept His gift!! It is the greatest gift you will ever recieve!!!! Jesus came and died on the cross for our sins. Salvation is here.....Will you accept the gift?

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Love God...Love People.

Saturday, June 27, 2009

I am a Child of the King

Verse 1:
Who am I?
Jesus, why am I here?
I only wish to be near You; to be near Your wounded side.
Why did You, my King, have to die?
Thank You for Your love,
But tell me who am I?

I'm falling in love with the King of the Universe.
I sing to You my song of praise.
That's what I am, and who I am.
Yeah, that is who I will always be.
At your side is where I will forever be.
That's my only desire.
Everything else is fading away
I fall face down at Your blood stained feet.
You showed me that I am in You, and You are in me.
That is who I am.

Verse 2:
I ask You, "Where am I?"
Am I in the center of Your will?
Have I been running from You this long?
To be in Your shadow is where I belong.

Verse 3:
Who should I be?
Who am I now?
At Your nail pierced feet, I run back to you and surrender.
When I hear Your voice and I see Your smile, I run into Your open arms.
Tears fill my eyes and trickle down my face.
It is in that moment, I realize Who I am, and Whose I am.

Who am I?
"Jesus, forever I am yours."
And forever will forever be.

I'm falling in love with the King of the Universe.
I sing to You my song of praise.
That's what I am, and who I am.
Yeah, that is who I will always be.
At your side is where I will forever be.
That's my only desire.
Everything else is fading away
I fall face down at Your blood stained feet.
You showed me that I am in You, and You are in me.
That is who I am.

-Written by Stacie (2007)


He doesn't know that there is another way
Everything he's tried won't work
He thinks that money will buy him happiness
He thinks that finding his talent will show the world

 Yet the hole remains
All the empty space
The world is crashing in around him
He drowns because of the sorrow
He thinks he will drink his pain away
Yet it doesn't go away
It just becomes deeper
He can't get rid of it
A bigger hole remains

Emptiness is all he can find
Empty beer bottles
Empty dreams
Empty promises....

The alcohol isn't the answer
He only craves more
The drugs aren't the answer
The addictions only become bigger and bigger in his life
Gambling to get what he thinks he needs
Yet the hole in his heart remains
It hurts so much
And he aches so
But does he really know
What the answer is in his life?

He's learned that pride isn't the answer
It only led him to destruction
Drinking won't stop the tears
That stream down his face
Nor will it numb his pain
The empty bottles lay scattered across the floor
Parties with people that he won't even remember
Nights with women whose names he didn't know
The tears never stop
The hurt never ceases
The hole in his heart stabs harder
He falls deeper and deeper into sin
He doesn't know what caused it
He tries hard to push against the walls
But he can't knock them down                        

The empty room only gets smaller
And it's getting harder to breathe
Because he can't run away........

He knows that something is wrong with him
That something is wrong with the world
He realizes that everyone tries to give him something to fill him up
Yet, he still feels alone
He doesn't realize WHO can fill him up
Who can take his pain and emptiness away
So, he falls deeper and deeper
And it's that much harder to find happiness
because everything seems empty

The pictures begin to disappear from the frames on the wall
He stumbles along through the road of life
Not knowing which way to go
He stops at the intersection staring at which direction to take
Hurt cause he's falling
Getting harder to breathe
Running from everything he's tried to make him happy
He wrestles in his own sin

The bottle isn't the answer
It just becomes empty
The world screams at him that everyone is that way
He thinks he has no choice
But to live life like he is
While his life rushes by him
And he cries
His years are whizzing by
Choking tears back
That he's tried to hide
But he can't hide them anymore
Cause he can't find the answer
To to why his heart hurts so much

He falls apart in an empty room
Tears fall upon the floor
He falls on his face wanting more
He needs Jesus
He is the One that will fill this emptiness up
God is the one who can truly give him happiness
He needs Jesus
He need His love
His mercy
How he needs to see God's love
But does he know of God's grace?
Does he know that Jesus is the ONLY way
The answer to his pain.....
Will someone tell him of the One that gave his life so that we can have life?
He lay there suffocating
Thinking emptiness is all there is to life
Everything comes crashing down
The empty pictures frames fall off the walls
Glass shatters all around him
He sobs desperately
Falling apart inside
With all the hurt that he is trying to hide

-Written by Stacie (2008)

"I am the WAY, the TRUTH, and the LIFE.
No man comes to the Father except through me." -John 14:6

“For God so loved the world, that he gave his only Son, that whoever believes in him should not perish but have eternal life. For God did not send his Son into the world to condemn the world, but in order that the world might be saved through him.  Whoever believes in him is not condemned, but whoever does not believe is condemned already, because he has not believed in the name of the only Son of God. " -John 3:16-18

Sunday, May 31, 2009


If I only had a time machine
To go back in time
But would I really want to change it all?
Time moves on
The second hand keeps ticking
And the music keeps playing on your stereo
If I could only pause life
Admist the busy rushed world
If only there were a fast forward or rewind
But then we’d be in control
I guess that’s the problem anyhow
The second hand keeps ticking
And the music keeps playing through your stereo
I can’t pause anything
I just have to laugh that much more
Know God will work it out
Time moves on
Keep on dancing to the stars
Keep on singing and praising God
Don’t ever spend another minute wasted on bitterness
For unhappiness wastes your precious time
And it continues to play on
No rewind.
No fast forward.
When you make a mistake you can’t erase it
But God can forgive
And you can move on
Don’t waste a minute of laughter
Have a blast
Tell someone you love them
Ask someone to forgive you
The second hand keeps on ticking
Praise God that time moves on
If it didn’t I guess that we’d never live on the edge
I’m gonna live extreme
Time moves on
If the sun doesn’t shine tomorrow
I don’t have to worry
Cause I spent today in the joy of the Lord
Time moves on
The second hand keeps on ticking
And the music keeps playing through your stereo
So get out there and sing to it!

-Written by Stacie (2007)

Saturday, May 9, 2009

Saturday, May 2, 2009

Sanctity of Life

We become human beings at conception. Beginning at that moment, we are a life seen by God and knitted in our mother's womb. (Psalm 139:15-16) Our hearts begin to beat only weeks after we are conceived. We each have our own genetic code. Why do we see that it is alright to kill a life before it is born? Just because it is a baby, does not mean that it does not experience the terrible pain and agony inflicted on it during an abortion. Whichever method is used during abortion, it kills an innocent human being. What these 1.2 to 1.7 billion individuals were destined to become, no one will ever find out. Abortion is a heart-wrenching trajedy. What will become of our nation if something does not change? We are a free nation, yet so many of our country's children are not even allowed to experience one day here in America. Soldiers gave their lives for our freedom, but so many individuals won't get to experience our nation's freedom. They never had one single chance to live, to experience the things we experience, and to witness life here on earth. Will we turn from our wicked ways? (2 Chronicles 7:14) Oh, America won't we turn back to what we were founded upon-life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness?

Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Melting Candle Flame

When it’s hard to see the light
Focus on the candle flame
Does not the flame make the room bright?
It is not that the darkness is making the flame invisible
So, why in our lives, does the darkness overpower the light?
Shouldn’t it overcome the darkness, burning brightly for all to see?
Oh, shine, light!
Shine brightly in the rain.
The darkness has to flee
But now, the flame in your candle is fading
Slowly it melts into the wax
Is your candle wax dripping into the world?
Is it putting out your flame?
Oh, shine, light!
Shine brightly in the rain!
Hold your candle for all to see
Glorify God.
Let’s shine and be the light
He gave so much out of love for us!
And we can’t even keep our flame lit.
Don’t let your flame melt away
The world tries to blow it out
Will we listen to God’s shout?
Oh, shine, light.
Shine brightly in the rain.
When it’s hard to see the light...Melting Candle Flame

-Written By Stacie ( 2007)

Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Silent Celestial Sky

Sometimes it seems as though silence
Comforts me the most
Gazing up at the late, night sky
My breath is taken away
By my Omnipotent Creator
My Omniscient Savior and Sustainer
It overwhelms my soul
That the God of the Universe
Gives me sunshine every morning
And stars at night to gaze upon
Everytime I think of it
Silence overtakes my heart
And all there is room for
Is God and I
As I look up at the silent celestial sky

written by Stacie in 2007

Longing for a Home

Verse 1:Baby blue eyes / He cries unheard / Precious gift from God / Has nowhere to lay his head at night / No one to sing him nursery rhymes / Baby blue eyes that long for someone to love him / But how will he ever know anything else?

Chorus:Does anybody know about this beautiful baby boy? / Are his cries unheard? / He only wants someone to rock him to sleep / To feed him when it’s time to eat / Yet does everyone so easily ignore his cries?

Verse 2:Five years old / Longing for a home / A family adopts him and takes him in as their own / Just like Jesus did for us / They love him like their own / They gave him their home / And now his baby blue eyes don’t cry /

Repeat Chorus:

Verse 3:They share the love of Jesus / The boy has someone to hear him laugh / A song is always in his heart / He becomes a Christian. / Grows up to be a godly man / When he thinks about how life could have been, he thanks God the Father for adopting him.

Repeat Chorus:

Bridge:Big brown eyes. / This little girl cries every day out of fear / Someone who has grown up that way too, raises her a loves her / Like a Daddy should / Now her clouds aren’t gray / She is taught how to love others and pray

Stacie written 2008

Saturday, January 31, 2009

Fight the Good Fight

What is right?
Is my life built on a rock?
What is wrong?
In a whirl, life seems to go faster everyday
What do I love?
If it weren't for God, I would fall in every which way
What should I stand up for?
Time spins
The bell buzzes like a bee
Always ringing in my ear
The second hand seems to tick faster everyday
Spiraling, I keep spinning
Oh how I need Jesus to help me
I need His love to guide me when there is no light
I need to carry his candle when it is dark
I must read His Word
In a whirl, my life goes
Am I coming?
I should stop and prepare for war
Am I going?
I must study His life manual
Will I try to do it all on my own strength?
Or will I rely on God that's living inside of me?
The one who will never leave me nor forsake me
So I can know how to use my two-edged sword
I fight the good fight of faith with God on my side
The light is my Father
For His breath and love letter guide my crooked steps
They lead me unto the way everlasting
Into the light of day
My night time becomes as bright as the sun
I follow the light
I take up the sword
Fighting the good fight of faith
Pursuing love, godliness, and righteousness
Are you prepared for war?
With God and His Word, we will experience victory
Fight the good fight of faith!!

Written by Stacie in 2007

Loud Silence

I stand there by the creek
Watching my reflection in the waters below
My barefeet run through the meadow
Silence all around
Yet it seems to speak so loud
Sitting on a pew in an empty church
I feel Your presence
I hear Your voice
How could I ever say anything?
Anything in this loud silence to describe
How that I feel when I hear you silently speak?
The horse gallops down the field
I can't keep my feet from dancing
When I open my mouth to say something
About what happened
No words will roll off my tongue
All that is there to explain what I felt
Is silence that speaks so loud to me
Louder than anything I could ever say
How can I ever thank You enough
For speaking so loud to me?
Yet I heard it through the silence of the fluttering butterfly
When the ocean tide rolled in and back out again
When the sun set beyond the horizon
What can I do?
Oh, what can I say?
I never knew that silence could make me feel this way

Written by Stacie in 2007

Divine Goal

It is all falling apart
He doesn't know where to start
Cause it is breaking his heart
Yet God is with him
He will help him see
Though his world is ripping away
Jesus is all he can see
His eyes stay steadily on the goal
And when he plays the piano
Tears trickle down and hit the keys
Picks up his guitar
And keeps on praising God
With his blue heart
He can't see the reason for all the hurt
Yet God sees beyond his stubborn heart
He showed him the divine goal
Just need to keep his eyes on it
Don't wander tired eyes
Stay focused on your light
God is speaking to him
Whispering words of life to him tonight
Saying, "My child, everything will be alright."
That is when the young man experienced a taste of heaven
He saw God's angels watching over him
While he sang his heart away
Finally saw in God's shining door
God gave peace divine
Seen the evil in this place
And he knows that Jesus is his only answer
Jesus is stronger than any problem he will face in life
Anything can happen to him
But he chooses to keep his eyes looking up to God
His focus is set on the divine goal
God's angels watch over his soul
Although all of life's strife seems unfair
He knows his Savior truly does care

written by Stacie in 2007


I can't open the door
Only God and He will
I can't close the door
It's not like I had planned
But I know that it is all in His hand
What happens when you believe in something,
But fear seems to dominate?
Is that when fear and faith collide?
It's like all your feelings are lost in fear.
Yet, it is then that you realize that you are not alone.
Something makes you do it anyway.
Your faith shines over you fear,
Leading to an open door with so much more
It all starts with God opening and closing doors
So we can praise Him only more
I want my lifesong to be written and sung by God himself
If we glorify God in everything we do,
Then nothing can be impossible with Him.
So, I choose to never give up
I won't back down
I am not holding back
I will not lose heart
God can do anything if we just believe

Written by Stacie in 2007