Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Longing for a Home

Verse 1:Baby blue eyes / He cries unheard / Precious gift from God / Has nowhere to lay his head at night / No one to sing him nursery rhymes / Baby blue eyes that long for someone to love him / But how will he ever know anything else?

Chorus:Does anybody know about this beautiful baby boy? / Are his cries unheard? / He only wants someone to rock him to sleep / To feed him when it’s time to eat / Yet does everyone so easily ignore his cries?

Verse 2:Five years old / Longing for a home / A family adopts him and takes him in as their own / Just like Jesus did for us / They love him like their own / They gave him their home / And now his baby blue eyes don’t cry /

Repeat Chorus:

Verse 3:They share the love of Jesus / The boy has someone to hear him laugh / A song is always in his heart / He becomes a Christian. / Grows up to be a godly man / When he thinks about how life could have been, he thanks God the Father for adopting him.

Repeat Chorus:

Bridge:Big brown eyes. / This little girl cries every day out of fear / Someone who has grown up that way too, raises her a loves her / Like a Daddy should / Now her clouds aren’t gray / She is taught how to love others and pray

Stacie written 2008

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