Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Melting Candle Flame

When it’s hard to see the light
Focus on the candle flame
Does not the flame make the room bright?
It is not that the darkness is making the flame invisible
So, why in our lives, does the darkness overpower the light?
Shouldn’t it overcome the darkness, burning brightly for all to see?
Oh, shine, light!
Shine brightly in the rain.
The darkness has to flee
But now, the flame in your candle is fading
Slowly it melts into the wax
Is your candle wax dripping into the world?
Is it putting out your flame?
Oh, shine, light!
Shine brightly in the rain!
Hold your candle for all to see
Glorify God.
Let’s shine and be the light
He gave so much out of love for us!
And we can’t even keep our flame lit.
Don’t let your flame melt away
The world tries to blow it out
Will we listen to God’s shout?
Oh, shine, light.
Shine brightly in the rain.
When it’s hard to see the light...Melting Candle Flame

-Written By Stacie ( 2007)

Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Silent Celestial Sky

Sometimes it seems as though silence
Comforts me the most
Gazing up at the late, night sky
My breath is taken away
By my Omnipotent Creator
My Omniscient Savior and Sustainer
It overwhelms my soul
That the God of the Universe
Gives me sunshine every morning
And stars at night to gaze upon
Everytime I think of it
Silence overtakes my heart
And all there is room for
Is God and I
As I look up at the silent celestial sky

written by Stacie in 2007

Longing for a Home

Verse 1:Baby blue eyes / He cries unheard / Precious gift from God / Has nowhere to lay his head at night / No one to sing him nursery rhymes / Baby blue eyes that long for someone to love him / But how will he ever know anything else?

Chorus:Does anybody know about this beautiful baby boy? / Are his cries unheard? / He only wants someone to rock him to sleep / To feed him when it’s time to eat / Yet does everyone so easily ignore his cries?

Verse 2:Five years old / Longing for a home / A family adopts him and takes him in as their own / Just like Jesus did for us / They love him like their own / They gave him their home / And now his baby blue eyes don’t cry /

Repeat Chorus:

Verse 3:They share the love of Jesus / The boy has someone to hear him laugh / A song is always in his heart / He becomes a Christian. / Grows up to be a godly man / When he thinks about how life could have been, he thanks God the Father for adopting him.

Repeat Chorus:

Bridge:Big brown eyes. / This little girl cries every day out of fear / Someone who has grown up that way too, raises her a loves her / Like a Daddy should / Now her clouds aren’t gray / She is taught how to love others and pray

Stacie written 2008