Saturday, January 31, 2009

Divine Goal

It is all falling apart
He doesn't know where to start
Cause it is breaking his heart
Yet God is with him
He will help him see
Though his world is ripping away
Jesus is all he can see
His eyes stay steadily on the goal
And when he plays the piano
Tears trickle down and hit the keys
Picks up his guitar
And keeps on praising God
With his blue heart
He can't see the reason for all the hurt
Yet God sees beyond his stubborn heart
He showed him the divine goal
Just need to keep his eyes on it
Don't wander tired eyes
Stay focused on your light
God is speaking to him
Whispering words of life to him tonight
Saying, "My child, everything will be alright."
That is when the young man experienced a taste of heaven
He saw God's angels watching over him
While he sang his heart away
Finally saw in God's shining door
God gave peace divine
Seen the evil in this place
And he knows that Jesus is his only answer
Jesus is stronger than any problem he will face in life
Anything can happen to him
But he chooses to keep his eyes looking up to God
His focus is set on the divine goal
God's angels watch over his soul
Although all of life's strife seems unfair
He knows his Savior truly does care

written by Stacie in 2007

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