Saturday, January 31, 2009

Loud Silence

I stand there by the creek
Watching my reflection in the waters below
My barefeet run through the meadow
Silence all around
Yet it seems to speak so loud
Sitting on a pew in an empty church
I feel Your presence
I hear Your voice
How could I ever say anything?
Anything in this loud silence to describe
How that I feel when I hear you silently speak?
The horse gallops down the field
I can't keep my feet from dancing
When I open my mouth to say something
About what happened
No words will roll off my tongue
All that is there to explain what I felt
Is silence that speaks so loud to me
Louder than anything I could ever say
How can I ever thank You enough
For speaking so loud to me?
Yet I heard it through the silence of the fluttering butterfly
When the ocean tide rolled in and back out again
When the sun set beyond the horizon
What can I do?
Oh, what can I say?
I never knew that silence could make me feel this way

Written by Stacie in 2007

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