Monday, February 14, 2011

Sovereignty of God

God amazes me more everyday that I live upon this earth
I am so small and cannot understand His ways, yet His Sovereign will is perfect
Sometimes He gives and sometimes He takes away
He has absolute control over everything even though we can’t understand His ways
His thoughts are higher than our thoughts and His ways are higher than our ways
The God of the Universe challenges us with situations in our lives
It may involve suffering, but He knows what will make us stronger
Once a Child of God we can never be plucked out of His hand
He holds us in the palm of His hand and we are safe in Him
Although the world may be crashing around us, we have a refuge
His Sovereign Will is not always what we expected.
No, it’s more than we could have ever imagined
Every piece of our lives fit together to support God’s plan for our lives
It is as if our lives are an essay and the things that happen to us all support God’s thesis statement
The paragraphs flow perfectly together; each of them having their own purpose in the story
The climax of the story is that God has done a radical work in our lives
He sent His Son Jesus so that we would not have the deserved condemnation placed upon us
Instead He chose to give us life and the gift of salvation
This is the most amazing event that has ever happened in all of humanity
That Jesus Christ came to earth to shed His blood and die on a rugged cross
So that we would not have to be condemned
I cannot even begin to comprehend this kind of love
What kind of love takes the place of one who is supposed to pay for the punishment of sins?
What kind of unfailing love opens up His hand to take the nails?
It is only the grace and love of Jesus Christ that paid the price for our sins
We did nothing to deserve this overwhelming gift of grace and forgiveness
Yet God offers this gift of salvation to us for free because He loves us
His Sovereignty declared that we would need a Savior in order to have communion with God
So God gave us His only Son so that we could be able to have everlasting life
So that we would have fellowship with God and die to our old sin nature
This overwhelming grace and unfailing love only leads me to rely on my Savior
Why couldn’t I trust that a God who gave up His Son for me would have the best plans for me?
How can I not believe that everything in life happens for a reason regardless of whether we
understand it or not?
God’s sovereignty is the most beautiful demonstration of unfailing love
His grace is unsurpassable and His mercy is unfailing

-Stacie (2011)

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  1. God's sovereignty, from a Reformed, Biblical perspective was a mjaor theme of my secular Wales, PhD and MPhil research degrees.

    God's sovereignty will have him complete his plans in Christ.

    In Christ,

    Dr. Russ Murray

    Thanks, Stacie


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