Saturday, February 26, 2011

The American Drought

We're dry like the grass from the drought
Send Your rain
Don't withhold a drop
We are thirsty and broken
How we need to hear Your voice
We're thirsty for You God
Like a dying plant, we are slowing fading
The leaves are turning brown
Send Your rain, Father to drown us out
Let revival fall on this place
Lord Jesus, America is in a desperate awful drought
We fall on our face and cry out for revival
This nation needs You
We have turned our back from you
But oh how we must humble ourselves to You, to turn from our wicked ways
Turn America upside down for You
Revive us
Revolutionize our culture
Transform us to Your likeness
Like the leaves that turn brown we are fading
Oh Lord, stir our hearts and convict with Your Spirit
Send the rain
Jesus, please send revival upon us
We look up to You and pray

-Stacie (2008)

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