Sunday, December 28, 2008


Very Subtle
Looks so appetizing
You decide to put it on
It grows on you
You start acting different
Soon you can’t get rid of it
It overwhelms you
You think you can’t live without it
It consumes you
You don’t know who you are becoming
Soon, all you want is revenge
It becomes harder to get rid of
Than it was to put it on
It changes your whole way of thinking
You soon don’t care about anyone but yourself
You no longer know you your friends are
It changes your whole way of acting
You no longer know how it happened
Nobody else knows who you are
You no longer know who you are
You want revenge
People ask you who you are
You say you don’t know
You forget what it was like
What you were like
Before you were entangled
Consumed in the dreadful disease known
As Pride

written by Stacie in Spring of 2008

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