Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Motivational Factors

What motivates you? Is it so that you can recognized and applauded? Oftentimes, I find myself hoping someone will notice my accomplishments. When someone compliments you, do you gloat? This does not mean we should walk around in defeat and in-confident. Absolutely not! We must be confident and courageous to fight this battle that we are living in. However, Jesus wants us to glorify Him in every decision, thought, and ambition by allowing Him to be the striving motivation for everything we do.

Unfortunately, I oftentimes am motivated by the world. It's so easy to allow others approval to take precedence over the approval of Jesus Christ. God is teaching me that everything should be about bringing His name glory. Every single little decision of every moment should be weighed in the light of eternity.
 Our sole motivation for everything we do should be to give God glory. We have to realize that it is only His approval we need.

As a college student, it is natural to desire good grades. In fact, I should do my best. However, I should not do my best simply to gain appraisal or recognition. My main motivation should be to give glory and honor to our Lord Jesus Christ. Doing my best gives glory to my Heavenly Father. However, I shouldn't give my best only out of selfish ambitions.

Similarly, our motivation for fashion should be fueld by a desire to glorify God. Furthermore, we should show respect to ourselves, God, and others in the way we dress.Girls, if every-time we got dressed, we asked ourselves what would glorify God, I am sure a lot of our wardrobes would change. Our motivation must match our actions. For instance, I am motivated to honor God in my dress; therefore, I strive to dress modestly. It wouldn't make sense for me to say my motivation is to glorify God in everything I do, and then dress immodestly seeking approval from the world....my actions should reflect my motivations.

In the same light, our everyday decisions about who reach out to all reflect our motivation. If our sole motivation is Jesus Christ, then we will find ourselves befriending the friendless, reaching out to the hurting, and releasing the oppressed from their bondage. Only Christ can fuel these motivations. People will not pat us on the back for reaching out to the outcasts or even smiling at a rude person in Walmart. However, Jesus does. After all, didn't He go to the cross for us? Brothers and sisters, let's strive to give God glory in every single decision we make- whether it be the mundane tasks of life, homework, or work, we can give God glory. Blessings my friends! Solo de gloria!

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