Saturday, June 11, 2011

Christ's Return

        This past week, I have really been pondering about Christ's return. It will be the most incredible event ever! I thought about how that I should long for Christ to come for me. He will come for His bride. Yet, often I live my life not thinking about how my Heavenly Prince will come for me. He has promised to return. We don't know the hour or the day, but we do know He is coming. The reason I have been pondering this more lately is because I thought of a parallel at work. The regional manager was supposed to be coming this week. We always keep the store really clean, but we especially made sure everything was in perfect shape since we knew she was coming. We didn't know when she was coming, but we cleaned the store from top to bottom. She didn't ever come last week, but we know she will sometime. That's kind of like Jesus coming back for us. He will come and we must be ready!!       Why aren't we sharing the gospel with our lost friends if we know He is coming back? Why are we living apathetic lives without passion for our Savior? What's the point of looking forward to His return, if we're doing nothing to prepare for His coming? How can we neglect Christ's coming if we can be prepared for other things in our lives? I should live everyday as if Jesus were coming back. I imagine I would waste a lot less time. I feel compelled to live my life with a burning passion for sharing the gospel. I want to be ready for my Savior's return!!!!


  1. Hi Stacie!

    This post is really good!
    "Live as though Christ died yesterday, rose from the grave today, and is coming back tomorrow!"

    It was really neat that as you posted about this several girls I know were recently discussing this topic...

    We can't wait for Christ's return!......after we're married or have kids or travel the world... you get the picture!:)

    But then we decided to do a little research on Christ's return, and we realized that if we wanted to be married before He came back- then we would need to marry Him!

    Become head over heels in love with our Savior and live our lives holding His hand and walking down the path of life together...

    If we were absolutely lost in our relationship with Christ than there would be no, "wait" or "don't come until this happens" or "Just one more minute!" We would instead be eagerly waiting for His return!

    Thanks again for this wonderful reminder!
    God Bless!
    In Him, Cassie

  2. I absolutely adore your blog header :) Im trying to follow you, but it wont let me :/ Ill try again later or tomorrow. Sad, very sad.


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